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Our B2B Services

In addition to constructing houses for individuals, we also provide a range of solutions for businesses. We undertake projects as your reliable subcontractor, delivering high-quality and durable prefabricated building components.

At our Boden facility, we manufacture weather-protected wall blocks, which we conveniently transport from Stockholm in the south to Kiruna in the north. Straight to your construction site. The production of these wall blocks is executed with precision, adhering to either your specifications or our own drawings. We offer flexible solutions and ensure prompt delivery times.

Our services encompass:

  • Compartment walls
  • Noise barrier
  • Internal walls
  • Garages
  • Office buildings
  • On-site assembly, and more.


We have our own structural engineers

At Norrläge, we offer the development of structural drawings and production specifications for your project.

Each project is unique, requiring a profound understanding of construction techniques to coordinate roof and wall structures, as well as to create manufacturing drawings and assembly plans.

We build a 3D model of your project, which can also be rendered for VR compatibility. At Norrläge, we provide customers with a VR viewing experience, allowing them to visualize their project and make minor adjustments before commencing construction.


Sustainable solutions with low climate impact

Our vision has always been to build sustainably, which is why we utilize timber from our northern forests.

Trees in the northern region are resilient and sustainable, and with the help of the robust spruce, we construct houses that stand the test of time.


See some of our climate-smart reference projects


Enhanced Garage, Tire Storage, and Office Section at Arctic Falls

Arctic Falls is a premier destination within the world’s foremost winter testing region, providing cutting-edge and advanced testing facilities tailored for the automotive and tire industry. Moreover, Arctic Falls boasts two exceptional indoor venues that offer unfettered access to a winter climate throughout the year.

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Construction of Råvara’s restaurants

In 2021, Norrläge successfully undertook the construction and delivery of three restaurants for Råvara, a Norrland-based, health-focused fast food chain. We take great pleasure in witnessing and supporting Råvara’s journey and establishment within the industry.

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Noise barrier along road 97

During the period from spring 2020 to fall 2021, the section of road spanning from Södra Sunderbyn to Sävast underwent a transformation into a non-meeting road, aimed at enhancing traffic safety and accessibility. As a result, the entire route between Luleå and Boden now ensures uninterrupted flow.

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We are your partner in your next construction project!

We provide clear quotes and are quick to provide feedback and, above all, we value good cooperation. Does your company need help with its next construction project? Get in touch with us at Norrläge!


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Sales and Calculation

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Sales and Calculation

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